Crawford Systems Ltd offers a complete range of specialist Security Systems to suit your needs, be it a CCTV System, a wireless Intruder Alarm or just a simple security light installation.

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Intruder Alarms

Catering to both commercial and residential clients, Crawford Systems is happy to install any kind of intruder alarm to suit every customer’s specific needs. Working with industry-leading brands like Honeywell, Pyronix and Eaton, our team can work to range of different standards and deliver systems up to anything as complex as a Grade 3. Customers can call on our expertise to install systems like Pyronix’s Euro 46, which can be connected to the internet and monitored solely by the client themselves. Others can take advantage of a Bells Only system, ideal for those with an outhouse or someone who requires an audible notification.

Fire Alarms

With a loyal and growing customer base, our reliable and fully-compliant fire alarm projects are completed to the most precise detail to ensure every project is of the highest standard. From system design, quotation, installation and commissioning, our work puts an obligation to private and public safety at the forefront of every installation. At Crawford Systems, we can also integrate your fire alarm with an intruder alarm, allowing fire alarm signals to immediately contact the fire brigade. Whether you’re interested in a new fire alarm system or maintenance on a older one, contact Crawford Systems and we can meet your needs.

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Like all of our other services, with CCTV installations we take each and every customer at face value, utilising our industry knowledge to offer customers a system that meets their precise needs - no more, no less. Hikvision, Dahua, Panasonic, Samsung - our suppliers can source products from any company, ensuring each customer’s requirements are met to the exact criteria. At Crawford Systems, we use decades of industry knowledge with CCTV systems to understand each client’s circumstance, placing the technology in exact locations to give customers the images they require. Our systems can be installed to deliver a notification to devices when somebody approaches a door, sound an alarm when somebody approaches, or even in more complex projects integrate with an access control system for facial recognition to grant access. All our CCTV systems are remotely accessed, serviced once a year and tailored to the customer's requirements.

Access Control

Ideal for workplaces, our access control services can help employers monitor the flow of staff with exciting, innovative technology. Doors featuring maglock or electric strike can be installed, with access obtained via a digital fob or key code. These systems can be linked up to client's software on desktop computers or laptops, and are routinely used for clocking in/out. Access control systems can also be linked with CCTV, allowing cameras to capture a still shot of an individual to ensure their identity is confirmed. This exciting technology can trace footprints and help map out certain paths with ease, making it a top choice for any high-volume workplace.

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Data/Wireless Access

Our dedicated team can also equip any home or business with ease of access to monitor any security system. Offices often take advantage of our structured data access, in which our workforce would set up LAN connections to create the network. For domestic homes, wireless access would usually be a popular choice, utilising MyWiFi - which guarantees full 100Mbps local speeds connected directly to your router. Ideal for larger, bespoke builds, wireless access can transmit WiFi signals for up to 10km, establishing a system that boosts the WiFi wirelessly and allowing our team to attach cameras. In these projects, wireless access ensures footage is recorded back to the property and controlled there remotely or via mobile.

Security Lighting

Deter unwanted visitors at your property with the installation of security lighting from Crawford Systems. This small system features internal notification and external PIRs. When somebody enters an area the PIR detects them, sends a signal to the keypad, the keypad alarms (chime) notifying the user what zone the disturbance occurred in and a floodlight comes on. Regardless of the complexity of the project, our team works with each and every customer to ensure the installation suits their needs.

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Bespoke security systems

Crawford Systems Ltd can install a security system to meet your individual needs.
Contact us today to arrange a site visit to get the installation that best suits your requirements.